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COPD and a brighter prognosis.

How can you help yourself?
First you need to understand what causes lung complications to worsen after giving up smoking or toxic enviroments. Professor Buteyko has explained this in his theory "The Buteyko Theory." You may take comfort in the fact that knowing the answer will aid in your partial recovery. We say partial because it is not possible to regenerate lung tissue. You can do something about the unhealthy tissue that declines even further in time. We would like to introduce you to the professor and the means to treat yourself through our E-book, but first I suggest you read on as we will go into it lightly here.

The very basics of the Buteyko theory are as follows.
The body requires a presence of 6.5% CO2 in the lung. Over breathing strips this gas out. With out this presence of CO2, oxygen is not delivered to the bodies cells but carried back to the lung or more precisely the Alveoli. Why do you faint if you hyperventilate? Answer, lack of Oxygen to the brain. In short, the organism fails due to insufficient CO2 levels in the lung.
The body's software for want of a better word has over time, adjusted to the incorrect mixture of gasses and that overwhelming need to take the next breath is triggered at an incorrect point of the breathing cycle. An increase in heart rate is also evident as well as a contributor to the over breathing problem. Heart rate and breathing patterns are linked.
This problem can compound upon itself even resulting in death. Without the proper level of oxygen delivered successfully to the cell, the organism becomes diseased and ages prematurely. Another problem that arrises is the smooth muscle that raps around the small airways constricts and tightens up reducing the size of the airway in some people. Veins can also be affected in the same way in some individuals, causing high blood pressure problems. A permanent blocked nose can also be a symptom. Any one or more of these complaints are due to the imbalance of gases.
The Buteyko theory and free program in our E-book will teach the reader to adjust the bodies software and breathing pattern back to that of an infant. Once this is achieved, time will take care of the rest.

This 70 plus page E book can be purchased here for USD10.00.The Buteyko theory. The book will introduce the professor and his discoveries. We also include a detailed and proven self help remedy in the form of the complete Buteyko self help program for free.
We discovered this excesses program still in the original Russian text. The same program was also circulated online in Russia by some of the late Professors students after Professor Buteyko passed away.
It appears that his closest students were upset by the way the Professors discovery was taken advantage of and capitalized on after his passsing. The Professor appears to have been more interested in helping his patients than making a fortune from his discovery.
Translated for you, these exercises will retrain the readers breathing habits and re-establish a healthy exchange of gasses in the lung. Over time the un-healthy tissue will heal up. The exercises are easy but the mechanics of the scientific theory are difficult to explain. The full details are in the E-book.
Once you have read the book the penny will drop. Buteyko exercises will NOT work well for anyone with a half hearted approach.

A diagnosis of what we in the West call COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can be scary at first. Rest assured that in Russia, patients of lung disease have survived many times longer than their doctors predicted while improving in health along the way. The general heath of the lung can improve and rate of lung function decline due to ageing can be slowed considerably. Western medical practitioners would have us believe that the cause of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease cannot be treated and will get progressively worse. Evidence shows otherwise.
The treatment discussed here is scientifically substantiated and Government endorsed in Russia and it has been so for many years.
Much of the Russian medical community still shuns the Buteyko method as it did 50 years ago. The treatment is still carried out in specialized clinics but it is well proven and documented over there.

There is plenty of evidence to show that lung function decline can be treated by re-setting the body or organism to recover and restore itself. Patients can breath easier and exercise more than they have for years with out using drugs.
It is not possible to regenerate lost lung tissue, repair scar tissue and collapsed Alveoli (not yet anyway) as this is damage already done. Slowing the disease and allowing unhealthy tissue to heal is the focus now.
Yes there is remaining tissue that is not functioning well due to an unhealthy environment and severe inflammation. Left untreated the prognosis is not good.

Evidence suggests that oxygen exchange can improve, remaining lung tissue can recover up to a point and remain so providing the patient looks after his or herself. We also discovered that patents who had been using Oxygen 24/7 were no longer using it. Further and much to our surprise they had regained a surprising amount of their lost ability to get around.

The self administered treatment has worked on thousands of patients in Russia with a 98% rate of success. It is not a quick remedy as it can take six months to two years for the patient to recover from the severe inflammation of the lung. When the patent manages to discontinue the use of the Bronchial dilators the down hill progression of the disease will be at least considerably slowed at that point. Then the slow and carefull road to recovery can begin. We have learned that some of the more severely affected patients continue to slowly improve years after the initial treatments. Information we gathered from clinics in Russia indicated that the recovery of patients was long term.

During the beginning of the treatment it is important for those using inhaled steroids to keep using them for a while. The Bronchial dilators can usually be discontinued with in a few days of starting the course. It is neccessary to stop the use of the Bronchial dilators. It appears that while treating the symptoms they add to the cause and speed up decline by increasing the heart rate. Steroids like Flixotide as far as we know, do not add to the cause and will work with the treatment program described in the E-book. COPD can have an asthma component so the steroid must be reduced slowly over time. The treatment method covered in our book has been successful employed to treat severe asthma and bronchitis for many years but it goes a lot further than that.

The 70 plus page E-book contains translated letters of endorsement written by ex patients, a description of and the history of the discovery, a background on the discoverer, scientific documentation as well as details on how the program works or at least describes in layman's terms the mechanics of it. We have included a 1982 translated transcript from an interview between professor Buteyko and a very large and prestigious newspaper that reports on advancements in science and medicine in Russia.
Included in our E-book is a complete step by step treatment program that is generally prescribed to patents with lung problems. The writers obtained this well proven generic treatment program and translated it into English for the book. The generic treatment program will prove the treatment actually works. There is enough information provided for you to locate a genuine Buteyko practitioner to help and guide you if required. There are those who claim to be qualified and hold a certificate to treat patients or practice the treatment we are discussing here. Some are qualified, many are not.

Due to the fact that there are so many individuals and organizations selling overly complicated versions of the treatment for ridiculous sums of money.
We have taken the liberty of providing this generic treatment program free of charge along with the important associated translated scientific information. The treatment program described in our book is exactly as taught to medical students in Russia.

Before we go any further I would like to point out that neither my wife or I are doctors. Researchers would be a more accurate description. We do not claim this treatment as a cure for COPD and Emphysema. There is no cure. Due to information received from practitioners and patients in Russia, we are convinced that Professor Buteyko's treatment is the next best thing. Any statements we make in our book are based on what we have learned and mostly the reports of others in Russia.

There are those in the medical profession that have some knowledge of the Buteyko theory but generally it is not taken seriously. It is unfortunate that western medicine have conducted some half hearted studies on the treatment but seem reluctant to condone and implement it. It is almost as if they would like to see the treatment fail.
These studies showed excellent improvements in the test patients with significant reduction in medicine over a three month period. one eighth the time of what is generally required for severe asthma or COPD. Because the results of the previous standard spirometry test used to diagnose Lung disease had not changed a great deal over the test period, the positive results of the trial were ignored. The writers fail to see the logic. If the spirometry test showed improvement then the treatment would be a cure. Since we cannot grow new lungs we would expect the spirometry test to remain relatively stable over time but stable without the use of medicine.
Over the last 2 years we have researched a lot of scientific literature from Russia so we do understand the principle behind the treatment.
We have attended a Buteyko course run at a Buteyko clinic here in New Zealand.

This treatment has been used to successfully treat many other illnesses like High blood pressure, Asthma and the more serious illnesses of the lung. The information has no monitory value to the medical profession.

The information is out there in books and other manuscripts written by the Professor but much of the original writings still need to be translated. This treatment is known to treat over one hundred and fifty ailments. We do not have time to get into it all as we are focusing on COPD and Emphysema.

Someone we know (who wishes to remain anonymous) was diagnosed a with moderate to severe COPD. With a FEV1 of 49% of expected, things looked rather bleak. The more serious stage of the illness came on rather suddenly following a bout with Viral Pneumonia. The prognosis was that the disease would progress, there was no stopping it. The prescribed Bronchial dilators were strong enough to add up to 14 hits of Ventolin per day as well as a daily maximum steroid dose of 1000 micrograms per day. All efforts to reduce the inhalers failed.
This individual used the treatment a year and a half ago. He dropped the bronchial dilators with in two days of starting the treatment. his ability to exercise was reduced but returned over time. A year and a half later the daily steroid has been reduced from 1000 micrograms to 150 micrograms a day. More importantly his ability to exercise just gets better and better. He is pushing sixty and can now run short distances with out any problems. It is interesting to note his spirometry test has seen very little change since the heavily medicated test results a year and a half ago.

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a fairly recent term to describe a bunch of trouble in the lung.
Please follow the above links to find out more. It was interesting to note when we spoke to practitioners in Russia, the term COPD meant nothing as it translated to nothing. To find the information we were looking for we had to ask about bronchitis, emphysema, lung injury and diseases of the lung. All of these conditions can be treated.

When we enquired about the success of the treatment of patents with lung disease, the owner of one of the oldest established clinics said and I quote. You can learn and implement the treatment and live or ignore the treatment, go onto oxygen and die.

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